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Special Events / Weddings


Do you have an upcoming outdoor wedding or special event, let us help you save those memories with photos or video of the event.  Don't miss out on that perfect shot! With AV8 Droneworx, you get a video of the entire event (or select parts upon approval of the client). Elegant events, sporting events, 5K/fun runs, motorcycle, boating, classic car/boat shows, parades, festivals, weddings, or even a family reunion. You name it and we'll do it, providing it doesn't exceed FAA guidelines. 

Residential / Commercial Real Estate

Whether you are looking to show case a single family home or a multiple acre complex development, no project is too large or too small.  No project would be complete without an aerial tour from the ground up.  Aerial video and photography included in a project can give the customer a better overall view and impression of the property.  AV8 Droneworx can take a number of shots of the area that present a unique elevated video tour of your property location. We can also transition from outdoor  to an indoor  video with perfectly positioned photographs to capture the beauty of your property.  We can fly indoors also, just ask.

Mapping / Data Collection / SAR  / Agriculture

When large tracts of land must be covered, AV8 Droneworx has the ability to coordinate efforts with Law Enforcement for search and rescue efforts. With exceptional photography, we can help cover more ground, saving law enforcement time, manpower and money.

Aerial surveys of farmland is an excellent way to gauge the quality of your crop and chemical deficiencies. We cover every square inch of your farm land and provide Orthomosiac, Digital Surface Model and NDVI (Plant health) images for you to assess needs. 

Power Lines and Towers

High voltage lines are electrical lines that distribute power at high voltages. The maintenance of these lines is a risky job, which requires careful attention and caution. Power line maintenance involves examining the poles, inspecting their insulators and detecting thermographic problems. AV8 Droneworx aided power line inspections can improve the quality and safety of inspection, increase the frequency of inspection and reduce the costs of inspection all at once.

Issue: Inspection is currently performed from the ground or by helicopter. The difference is that line inspectors who work from the ground are required to climb posts to access the lines whilst inspectors using helicopters do not. Although inspection with helicopters is faster, the downside is that this method is much more expensive and sometimes restricted in terms of time to avoid disturbance.


We can perform a live inspection in very little time, allowing you to continue production, keeping your maintenance crews safely on the ground and providing you with the data you need to make informed decisions, before we've even left your facility. Your onsite engineering staff can view the live video and high-definition pictures and request further inspection on critical or questionable areas.  


Solution: AV8 Droneworx can provide a safe, cost effective and easy deployable alternative to traditional methods. Our UAV's carry cameras that produce high resolution images as well as thermal images, are equipped with transmitters enabling sharing of the live footage, and can fly to within a couple of feet of the power lines. AV8 Droneworxe aided inspections can improve the quality and safety of inspection, increase the frequency of inspection and reduce the costs of inspection all at once.


Solar Panel Farm Inspections

Solar Panel Farms require a live level of accuracy and precision when using a drone to inspect the final installations.  95% of all photovoltaic systems inspected will show anomalies - it doesn't matter if the system has just been put into operation or is 20 years old.  Take the guess workout of your inspections and let us do the legwork for you.  



Wind Farm Inspections

Inspecting the condition of wind turbines is vital at various stages of the project lifecycle. It allows all interested parties to reassure themselves of the quality of the turbine’s fabrication, maintenance and performance. In some countries, regular inspections are a legal requirement; and many insurance companies insist on them when issuing a policy.  By utilizing UAS for this process, it can be done quickly and efficiently and keep human chances of human injury to a minimum.  

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