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AV8 Droneworx was established in 2017 as an FAA Part 107 commercial unmanned aircraft system (UAS) provider after a long history of piloting UAS equipment.  Our vast experience in operating radio controlled equipment will allow us to offer a product that are not only creative, but done in an  efficient and safe manner.  Drones are changing the world and at AV8 Droneworx we have a passion for this revolutionary technology and we are experts in aerial imaging.  AV8 Droneworx is a drone service company built on teamwork and our love for technology. Everyone on our team is essential to running an efficient operation. Whether it is the pilot of the UAS, the trained UAS spotter in the field, our in-house data analysts or administrative staff, our team will work with you to ensure delivery of quality,  actionable data you can use to make sound business decisions. Our mission and passion is to provide you with quality aerial drone imaging services. 

We can off many types of deliverables to our clients.  We can offer raw files to you on the day of any shoot as well as allowing you to select the file type, frame rate and definition or our experienced pilots can choose based on your needs. We also offer basic or advanced editing options. 

Don't let an Illegal operator risk your project with undue liability. You can not insure an Illegal operation.  The FAA has made it clear what is required for a UAS pilot to operate legally for commercial operations.  It is simple to determine the status of a proposed operator. The FAA requires a UAS pilot of hold a certification of taking and passing a part 107 exam.  You should ask to see a pilots certification before allowing any commercial drone operations.

AV8 Droneworx provides UAS services and aerial photography/videography services in Pittsburg, Kansas and the surrounding area.  We offer competitive UAS project pricing and complete packages to meet and exceed your expectations.  Contact us for a FREE quote and sample projects today!





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